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Because you can have more than one domain, you will be asked which domain you want WordPress to install to. The next one I want to show you is the Query Monitor Plugin. Why does my site show as “not secure”? If this has this ever happened to you, you know why you need WordPress debugging: You go to try out the latest and greatest plugin and as soon as you activate.

  • For Admin Username, enter your preferred user name
  • Advanced Frontend Directory Dashboard to Edit and Delete Directories
  • And so much more
  • 3 Deny from all

WordPress will install itself to the same folder or sub-folder that your domain is currently pointing to. Domain hosted with See How To Update Domain Pointers. Domain hosted elsewhere See How To Update DNS Records or How To Update Nameservers. Not sure how to view hidden files See Navigating File Manager.

Not sure how to remove files See How to Delete Files and Folders Using File Manager. If you have an offending plugin that is appearing on certain roles for which it shouldn’t appear, wordpress optimization read our previous article on how to remove menu items in admin depending on user role. Your new user will now be included on the list of all users.

Having said that, you should always ensure that all WordPress users use strong passwords and where possible you should hide all WordPress usernames. Once enabled, you’ll need a one-time password generated on your phone, in addition to your existing WordPress username and password, to log into the website. They don’t need to deal with licensing costs for SQL Server. Are you a plugin developer in need of some ideas on how to promote your plugin?