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The CPD Courses are accredited through the South African Institute of Architectural Technologists and Certified CPD Credit Certificates will be issued under the following terms:

An Attentiveness Rating of 80% needs to be registered to qualify for the CPD credits applicable to each course.

No credits for a course will be given to those with a rating less than 80%.

The course videos are equipped with an advanced tracking system, which enables the following:


You can stop the video at any time and resume it at another different time. When you come back to the same video, and it starts from where you left. So, you can seamlessly pause on mobile, and resume on PC.

It means if you didn’t watch the full video in one go. When you revisit the page and play the video again, it will continue from the same point where you left.

In order to assess your complete engagement with the course, the videos are equipped with an advanced attention analytics tracking system, which tracks your attention throughout the course in the following ways:


The tracking system checks if you have watched all parts of the video. Jumping around and only watching certain parts of the video will be recorded, and this information will automatically calculate and translate into a percentage attention for completion.

Heat Map:

In the analytics report we can see and visualize what parts of the video were watched, or left/skipped, or repeated.

The following is recorded and tracked:

        • Play (played)
        • Pause (paused)
        • Completion (completed)
        • Volume Change (interacted)
        • Skipping (seeked)
        • Full Screen / minimizing of screen (interacted)

Time on Video:

Through the above an algorithm calculates the total time spent by you while watching the video. The rating is a statistic algorithm, that show as a percentage,

that gauges your interest during the video.

We submit a course completion report to SAIAT on the 24th of each month, after which SAIAT will mail the CPD Certificates to each individual who has completed the full course with a calculated Attentiveness Rating of 80% or above.

CPD Certificates

We submit a course completion report of the courses to the various Architectural Institutes on the 24th of each month, for the issuing of CPD certificates.

The Architectural Institutes normally issue the certificates within 30 days of us submitting our report.

The relevant Institutes will give us access to the CPD Certificates for each individual who successfully completed the full course, to load onto for you to download.

You can download your certificates under the ‘CPD Certificates’ in the Courses menu.